Twang Beer Salt Wholesale Guide for Liquor Store

Twang Beer Salt Wholesale

What is beer salt?

Beer Salt is citrus-flavored salt, originally created by Lation culture, I would say kind of Latino traditon to use citrus and salt in beer. Twang has different kinds of beer salt to make your beer delicious.

You can enjoy your beer best way by sprinkling twang beer salt combination onto your beer bottle, can or mug. Twang beer salt bottle is easy to carry anywhere you go! You can definitely turn your special events into blast by serving beer salt with beer.

How to dress a beer?

If you are looking to add excitement to your beer, then use twang beer salt in beer. This beer salt goes well with any domestic lagers, Mexican Imports and Belgian-style wheat beers. It’s very simple and easy to make your beer delicious!

Simple add a dash of beer salt on top of beer bottle, mug or can.
Lick, sip beer and repeat

Twang Beer Salt Flavors

We carry different kinds of Twang beer salt. Our Twang salt product line includes following beer salt.

Twang Beer Salt Lemon Lime

Twang Lemon Lime beer salt is the combination of lemon and lime flavor in salt. Twang beer salt lemon lime is the best way to add citrus twist to the beer drinking experience. Lemon-Lime beer salt goes really well with domestic lagers, Mexican beers, tequila, and margaritas or even goes well with a malt beverage.

Buy Twang Lemon Lime

Twang Beer Salt Lime

Add twist of lime and salt in beer. Twang beer salt lime comes with the bold lime flavor that can go really well with a Mexican import beers including beer-ria, or tequila. Twang Lime beer salt is one of the bestseller at liquor stores or convenience stores.

Buy Twang Lime

Twang Beer Salt Michelada

Love michelada? Try Twang beer salt with the bold flavor of traditional michelada. It’s the best way to enjoy taste full of tomato, lime and chili in combination with the zesty flavors of michelada. Twang Michelada beer salt is one of the best beer salt to use with beers or tomato-based drinks.

Buy Twang Michelada

Twang Beer Salt Hot Lime

Twang hot lime flavor was created on Twang’s 25th anniversary. Yes, Twang hot lime beer salt is one of the boldest and unique flavor, name says it, enjoy blended flavor of hot and citrus lime. This hot lime beer salt goes really well with tequila, michelada or bloody Mary drinks.

Buy Twang Hot Lime

Whether you are individual, convenience store owners or liquor store owners, you will never go wrong with Twang beer salt. Our selection of twang beer salts are perfect for personal use or even making good profit by selling them at your c-stores. Twang beer salts are bestselling items in Liquor store supplies.

Twangerz Snack Topping Salt

What is Twangerz Snack Topping Salt?

Twang offers Twangerz snack topping salt that can be eaten as snack topping.

How to use Twangerz Snack Topping Salt?

Twangerz snack topping comes id different kinds of flavors. You can use Twangerz salt by itself or mix and match with other Twangerz salts to create your own flavor.

Twangerz Snack Topping Flavors

Right now Twang is offering following list of Twangerz snack topping flavors.

Twangerz Lemon Lime – Blended flavor of lemon and lime in a small shaker bottle. Twang snack topping salt goes well with snacks, fruit, veggies and chips.

Twangerz Lime– Lime is also one of the bestseller Twangerz snack topping salt. Lime flavor salt is the way to add touch of lime to snacks, veggies or fruit.

Twangerz Chili Lime – Enjoy the blended flavor of hot chilies with lemon-lime. If you like the hot-n-sour flavor on your fruits, snacks or veggies then go for Twangerz Chili Lime snack topping salt.

Twangerz Mango Chili – Bold flavor of Mango mingling with Chili! One of customers’ favorite for their fruits and desserts.

Overall, Twang beer salt and Twangerz snack topping salt are bestsellers at any convenience store, liquor stores and gas stations. Twang products are your must have liquor store supplies.

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Must Have Gas Station Supplies for Your Business

gas station supplies wholesale

You Must Have Wholesale Gas Station Supplies

Looking for a gas station supplies wholesale? There are plenty of wholesale products available in the market, which might be overwhelming when it comes to selecting products for your gas station.

Many gas station owners go through usual confusion while selecting products to get the maximum out of used space in the store. Yes, all gas stations do not feature lot of space for displays and product racks.

You must use your floor space and every corner of the gas station wisely that can turn into profit.

But there are many gas station inventory items that do not require too much of thinking. You will find customers looking for those products all the time.

If you are new to gas station business then following list of gas station supplies will help you get started to stack up more profit.

OTC Medicines Wholesale

There are many over the counter medicines available in the market, but sometimes gas station owners forget to keep bestselling over the counter medicine. You must make sure to have popular OTC medicines for gas station. Advil Ibuprofen, Tylenol Extra Strength, Alka Seltzer, Aleve, Benadryl, NyQuil and DayQuil tablets are number one seller at any gas stations.

Condoms Wholesale

When it comes to condoms, Trojan condoms are best sellers at any gas station. There are many different kinds of Trojan condoms available. We recommend you to always keep certain Trojan condoms in stocks. Our recommendation includes Trojan Ultra-Thin, Trojan Magnum, Trojan Her Pleasure, Trojan ENZ, Trojan Fire & Ice and Trojan Non-lubricated.

BIC Lighters Wholesale

You must keep BIC lighters at your gas station. There are different kinds of BIC lighters in the market, out of all BIC regular lighters, BIC mini lighters, BIC zodiac lighters, BIC Playboy lighters and BIC Tattoo lighters are best sellers. Also, we recommend you to carry BIC sports lighters for your local sports teams. For example: BIC NFL lighters and BIC NBA lighters.

Duracell Batteries Wholesale

Duracell batteries are also one of the best seller products at any gas station. You must carry Duracell AA, Duracell AAA, Duracell 9V, Duracell D and Duracell C batteries. Among all, Duracell AA and AAA batteries sell more compared to any other kinds.

General Merchandise Wholesale

Being gas station owner you should also consider to carry other general merchandise such as working gloves, little tree car air fresheners, motor oil and other similar automotive products.

If you are looking for a gas station supplies wholesale then you can check all wholesale gas station supplies at Buy gas station supplies at wholesale discounted price today to save.

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Recyclable Six Pack Rings Wholesale

Recyclable Six Pack Rings Wholesale

Recyclable Six Pack Rings

Six pack rings or so called 6 pack can holder rings are set of plastic rings that can hold beverage cans. These rings are mainly used to make six packs of beverage cans compared to 2 packs or 4 packs. These six pack rings have been very popular among liquor stores and convenience stores owners to make six packs of cans to from loose cans to stack up more profit. In a way it is win-win situation for buyers and sellers as sometimes people do not want to buy in qualities compared to six packs of beers or soda.

Buy Six Pack Rings Now!

How Six Pack Rings became popular

These popular six pack rings are originally designed and introduced during summer of 1960 by ITW Hi-Cone. It was one of the best accessories that replaced metal based can holders in liquor stores and convenience stores. Considering the popularity, there are many six pack manufacturers in market who supply six pack rings in different kinds of packings.

Why recyclable Six pack Rings

Plastic six pack rings are popular and convenient accessories but at the same time it was not environment friendly. There were many concerns related to environment especially danger to marine life. Since 1989, federal regulation law enforced manufacturers to product six pack rings with photo-degradable material to protect environment and marine life. Overall now six-pack rings are relatively minor threat to marine life with federal regulation on making recyclable six pack rings.

Buy Six Pack Rings Now!

Six pack rings come in different kinds of packaging such as 1000 CT, 1200 CT, 2000 CT and 4300 ct. At VK Wholesale, we carry 4300 Count six pack rings to supply liquor stores, convenience stores, dollar stores and gas stations.

Our six pack rings comes with slots that can be utilized to make two-packs, four-packs and six-packs for convenient.

Six Pack Rings Deals

1 Roll of 4300 six pack can rings – $130/CS + Shipping
1 Pallet of six pack beer rings – 1 pallet can hold up to 50 cases of six pack rings. That will cost you $6000 delivered.

Buy Six Pack Rings Now!

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Fidget Spinners – New Addictive Fidget Toys of 2017

Fidget Spinners Wholesale
Fidget spinners have become very popular this summer season. All adults may not be aware of fidget spinner toys, but parents with young kids might be well aware of these toys. Fidget spinners have been favorite lately among school kids. Many schools have banned these toys recently to avoid distraction in the class.

There are many different kinds of fidget spinners available in the market. They come with different numbers of blades starting from 2 blades through 6 blades. These blades are connected to a central core with metal ball bearing.

Right now at the time of writing this post, fidget spinners are one of the best sellers in any retail convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores or dollar stores. It is impulse product from which store owners can make money.

We carry different kinds of fidget spinners from regular plain color, glow in the dark fidget spinner, US Flags printed spinners, Camouflage fidget spinners and similar other variety.

In my opinion, these toys are addictive, once you get hooked to spinning it on fingers you probably going to keep doing it for sometime.

Buy fidget spinners wholesale and stack up more profit !

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Coco Nara Coconut Shell Charcoal for Hookah Lovers

Coco Nara Coconut Shell Charcoal Wholesale

Coco Nara Coconut Shell Charcoal Wholesale

Coco Nara charcoal is made with 100% coconut shell. Very good quality Coconut shell charcoal that can give you best hookah smoking experience.

Coco Nara coconut shell charcoal is environment friendly, do you know why? – according to company “As per today, we have used 125,000,000 Kilograms of coconut shells. This is equivalent to saving 250,000,000 Kilograms of wood, which means that 250,000 trees have been saved. ”

Coco Nara coconut shell charcoal is made using the finest coconut shells collected from islands in Indonesia. Very good quality coconut shell charcoal for hookah lovers, smoke shop owners or anybody carrying smoking accessories.

Coco Nara coconut shell charcoals can burn up to 60 minutes. These tasteless charcoals are easy to get ready for hookah. You can light up these coals by placing them on top of the stove or on electric oil burner. Within 5-10 minutes charcoal will be lighted in red color. These coconut shell charcoals are favorite among majority of hookah lovers throughout the world.

It is recommended not to light up Coco Nara charcoal with any gasoline or lighter fluid. It will ruin the smell and taste of the charcoal resulting into unpleasant hookah smoking experience. Also, always consider to light up charcoal in well ventilated place to avoid any harm.

Coco Nara coconut shell charcoals comes in different packaging, at VK Wholesale, we carry Coco Nara coconut shell charcoals 20 pieces of art, Coco Nara coconut shell charcoals 60 pieces of art, and Coco Nara coconut shell charcoals 120 pieces of art.

Product Shape: Flat
Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm x 17mm

Overall, Coco Nara coconut shell charcoal flat pieces are perfect for mind blowing hookah smoking experience. Checkout Coco Nara charcoal wholesale price to save money.

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Value Key Products Chicago – Trash Bags Wholesale

Value Key Products Chicago Trash Bags Wholesale

Try our Value Key household products to stack up more profit. Our Value Key brand named trash bags are good quality at lowest price. We distribute our Value key products in Chicago as well as nationwide.

Whether you are a store owner trying to make money by selling trash bags value packs or individual trying to keep home, office and other areas clean, keeping area trash free can be little challenging. Our value key products include different kinds of trash bags : 8 gallon trash bags, 13 gallon trash bags, 26 gallon trash bags, 33 gallon trash bags and 39 gallon trash bags. These bags come with tie.

Our value key 13 gallon trash bags are ideal for small rooms and office. At the same time you can use 26 gallon trash bags in kitchen. For outdoor use for picnic or general purpose you can consider to use 33 gallon and/or 39 gallon trash bags.

Our value key trash bags come in black and white colors. 8 gallon, 13 gallon and 26 gallon bags come in white color and 33 gallon and 39 gallon trash bags come in black color.

Value Key products are good quality, yes out all trash bags come with strong thickness that does not get ripped and spill the trash all over the floor. Same way, outdoor bags are very strong that can withstand more garbage according to the size of the bag.

Value Key household products including Value Key trash bags are everyday products that sell good in convenience stores, dollar stores and neighborhood gas stations.

Buy value key brand’s 13 gallon trash bags wholesale, 26 gallon trash bags wholesale, 33 gallon trash bags wholesale and/or 39 gallon trash bags wholesale on sale today under Value Key Products section.

Value Key Products, Chicago, IL 60630

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Bluetooth Speakers Wholesale – Christmas Gift Items

Bluetooth Speaker Wholesale
There are many Bluetooth Speakers are available in the market. Each Bluetooth speaker has its own characteristic. You can select Bluetooth speaker by considering following few characteristics that fits your need.

Bluetooth Speakers give you freedom from wires. Yes, you can carry Bluetooth speaker with you on the go with you in car, for camping or for picnic. It is very easy to connect Bluetooth speaker from Bluetooth enabled devices such as smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Sound Volume and Quality
Bluetooth speakers come in different range of sound quality and volume levels. Usually Bluetooth speakers are used for background music or listening music in a small room. There are Bluetooth speakers with high power outputs in the market that can be used to blast music at parties or events. Sound quality also varies among speakers. Sound quality is associated with the frequency response range. Higher frequency response range produces better sound quality.

Also, Bluetooth speakers come with auxiliary cables that can allow you to play music from non-Bluetooth enabled device. Some Bluetooth Speakers include FM radio function as well. I recommend to purchase speakers with FM function if you are purchasing it for home use. Mostly all Bluetooth speakers features USB port and microSD card slot that can be utilized to load and play music from external storage devices.

At VK Wholesale, we carry variety of Bluetooth speakers. Buy Bluetooth Speakers at wholesale price to save money. These Bluetooth speakers are one of the bestselling Christmas gift items. Our Bluetooth Speakers are made in China. Overall, Bluetooth Speakers are perfect to enjoy music outdoors or at home.

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Moscow Mule Mugs Wholesale for Christmas this Year!

Moscow Mule Mugs Hammered Copper Wholesale
Discount Moscow Mule Mugs for Christmas Gifts
Moscow Mule cocktail was famous in 1941 got popular among Hollywood stars. Over the period craze was buried under new trends and demands until it got famous again down the road through one of the television show. Moscow mule cocktail increased the demand of Moscow mule copper mugs among new modern era. Today it is hard to find any bars without these stylish copper mugs.

The History of Moscow Mule and Copper Mugs
Most of us know that The Moscow Mule is named after a famous Manhattan cocktail, which is the drink of choice for this mug. The creation of the Moscow mule was credited to a chance meeting of three friends in Chatham bar in 1941. One of the three friends was John A. Morgan, president of Cock ‘n’ Bull Products who also owned the Hollywood Cock ‘n’ Bull Restaurant. The second one was Rudolph Kunett, president of the Pierre Smirnoff, and the third one was John G. Martin of Heublein, a spirits and food distributor. They were the main guys behind this world famous cocktail that become popular very quickly. Martin and Kunett mixed ginger beer, alcohol, lemon juice and ice into a concoction using mugs.

There are several different recipe available with little variation of ingredients to make different kinds of Moscow mule drinks. Copper mugs were part of their marketing of new cocktail. As a whole, these copper mugs have contributed to success of Smirnoff Company.

The three friends named the mixture Moscow mule. Martin even ordered specially engraved mule mugs to market the new cocktail. The copper mugs with the mule logo would later become inseparable from the drink and contributed to the success of the Smirnoff Company.

Today these copper mugs have become very popular and become part of modern life style. These mugs come in two finish – shiny surface finish and hammered surface finish. There are several variance in shapes and size as well.

At VK Wholesale, Our Copper Moscow Mule Mug Hammered is very good quality mug that works best for any kinds of cocktail. It is very easy to impress your friends and family with these elegant hammered Moscow Mule copper mugs.

Our Moscow Mule Mug are 16oz With Brass Handle Hammered
Finish: Inside Nickel Plating Outside Pure Copper with Hammered

Buy Now

My Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe
2 oz Vodka – Smirnoff to be authentic
6 oz Ginger beer
1/2 oz Fresh lime Juice
Fill up the Moscow mule copper mug with ice and add the ingredients.
Stir well….

These mugs are perfect to serve the famous Moscow Mule drink. It works great with other drinks as well. There are lot of debates behind the mule mugs, but world has been convinced that it was this Copper Moscow mule mug that made the mule famous !!!

Copper Moscow Mule Mug Care
Make sure to clean mug with warm water and soft soap after each use. Avoid using hard chemicals and detergent.
DO NOT leave drink in mug overnight. It will ruin the appearance of Moscow Mule mug with stains.
Do not microwave or use for hot beverages.
Hand wash, do not put in dishwasher.

Tips: Perfect for Christmas Gift Giving or gift giving on any occasion.

For those who don’t consume alcohol can use these elegant copper mugs for drinking or serving non-alcoholic cold drinks. It is always best to experience the trend…get ready to purchase Moscow mule copper mugs at lowest price.

Store owners can purchase at wholesale price and stack up big fat profit easily!!! Buy Moscow mule hammered copper mugs !

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Buy Car Air Fresheners Wholesale to Make Money Easy

California Scents Car Air Fresheners
As we all know, car air fresheners have been one of the best sellers in convenience stores, gas stations, auto parts store, dollar stores or car wash. Car air fresheners are one of the daily essentials products that sells regularly. There are variety of car air freshener brands available in the market. At VK Wholesale, we carry good quality car air freshener brands that includes Little Tree car air fresheners, California Scents car air fresheners and K29 Scent Stones.

We carry good quality different types of car air fresheners that includes hanging car air fresheners, vent clips, can air fresheners and spray pump air fresheners.

Little Tree Car Air Fresheners
Little Tree Car Air fresheners display
Little Tree Car Can Spray air fresheners
Little Tree assorted pump spray display

California Scents Car Air Fresheners
California Scents Vent Clips
California Scents Cool-gel air fresheners
California Scents Organic Car air fresheners
K29 Keystone Scent Stone Wholesale
K29 Stone Car Air Fresheners
K29 Stone Car Air Fresheners includes several fragrances. We carry top selling fragrances such as Blossom, Black Pearl, Cherry, Jasmine, New Car Scent and Coconut.

Car wash customers can make maximum profit by offering car air fresheners and related automotive products such as car floor mats.

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Save Money with Bluetooth Headphones Wholesale

Bluetooth Headphones Wholesale
Bluetooth superior fit headphones are sweat proof that gives you ultimate freedom. These Bluetooth headsets give great stereo sound without any kind of disturbance or static. Comes with comfortable ear pads that will give firm grip in ears. It will not fall out of your ears. Easy to make call feature with built-in microphone. Easy on-ear controls for volume tracks and calls.

Bluetooth v.4.0 technology works well with any Bluetooth enabled device. These headset are good quality that can easily work up to 10 meters. Easily can be used to enjoy music up to 6 hours.

Our new arrivals include two kinds of Bluetooth headphones: HB-800 and HBS-800. Our current products are made in latest modern sharp looking design for comfortable use. These headsets are tested in factory to ensure the quality of Bluetooth Stereo Bluetooth Chip. Product supports Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR version.

These Bluetooth headsets come in different colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Pink and Blue.
Bluetooth Headphones Wholesale
We also carry Bluetooth sunglasses. These BT sunglasses are stylish cool looking with unique design. Comes with built-in mini USB port for charging the internal battery and for PC communication. Now you can easily talk hands-free and walk in style with good quality Bluetooth sunglasses. These sunglasses are not water proof. You must keep them away from wet location and avoid using while bathing, swimming or outside in the rain.
Bluetooth Sunglasses Wholesale
I would say, one of the bestseller items at c-stores, gas stations or any neighborhood stores. Check out list of our Bluetooth Devices and save money!

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