Must Know Secrets About Digital Pocket Scales

Digital Pocket ScalesAre you looking for a device which can measure the weight of a small product or item or object? Digital pocket scales are the best option for those who need to weigh tiny objects. One can use digital pocket scales either in store or on the go. Buy pocket digital scales to get the accurate weight of the product. These digital pocket scales can be used to weigh cooking ingredients, tobacco or any tiny stuff that requires weight detail in grams, Oz, Ozt or Dwt. Pharmacies also use digital pocket mini scales to measures certain drugs to mix and make compound medicines.

Digital pocket scales have been very popular among jewelers and diamond sellers. It’s the fact that gold and diamonds worth by fraction of weight. In that case, one must know the accurate weight of the gold or diamond otherwise seller will be in lose. There are many beneficial usages of digital pocket mini scales. Like every good thing has a bad side, these digital gram scales are also used in illegal activities such as weighing marijuana and cocaine.  So, we recommend you to refrain from using digital pocket scales in illegal activities.

Why Digital Pocket Scales are Popular?

  1. Digital pocket scales are best in terms of portability. They are easy to carry in pocket.
  2. These digital gram scales are cost effective. Yes, you can get this device as low as $6 or $8. Usually digital scales’ prices vary from low price to medium price to expensive up to $100.
  3. Best part is the accuracy of weight measure – device helps getting accurate measure of the object by measuring precisely up to the tenth of the gram.

Which Digital Pocket Scales are recommended?
There are many digital gram scales available in market, but I recommend you following list of scales. Select one of devices based on your needs and I assure you that you will never go wrong.

AWS-600 Digital Scale (American Weigh Scales) / AWS 600 x 0.1g
AWS 600 digital pocket scale has been hot choice in market. This device comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty. It can measure accurately up to tenth of a gram (0.1 g). AWS 600 can measure maximum up to 600 grams. Flip-Open cover provides extra protection to the scale. AWS-600 digital pocket scale comes with two AAA batteries, so the moment you receive you can start using it.  – Buy wholesale AWS 600 Digital Pocket Scales

AWS-650 Digital Scale (American Weigh Scales) / AWS PV-650 Scale
AWS 650 digital pocket scale also comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty. It can measure up to 650 grams. Device can measure object in different units which includes gram, oz, ozt and dwt. Maximum capacity of this device in each unit is: 650 g / 20.9 ozt / 22.93 oz / 418 dwt. This digital gram scale comes with 5 digit back-lit LCD. It is very compact and easy to carry with you. Scale dimensions: 3.6 x 4.2 x 0.8”, Platform Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.2” – Buy wholesale AWS 650 Digital Pocket Scales

AWS mini CD Scale (American Weigh Scales) / AWS mini 500 x 0.1 g
AWS mini digital scale can measure up to 0.1 gram accuracy. Maximum capacity of this device is 500g. Digital mini scale comes with 10 year manufacture warranty. It is super thin and compact as mini CD.  Special features of digital mini scales are super small size, tare feature, backlit LCD, stainless steel tray and auto-off. Scale Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.9 x 0.47 inch, Platform Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.1 inch – Buy wholesale AWS mini Digital Pocket Scales

M-500 Digital Pocket Scale / Fast Weigh M-500 Digital Pocket Scale
These digital mini scales can easily fit into your pocket or handbag. You can measure maximum weight up to 500 gram using this device. It can measure up to 0.1 gram accuracy. If you have larger object then you can use removable lid to expand the tray area giving more room to place object. This digital mini scale comes with 5 year manufacture warranty. – Buy wholesale M-500 mini digital pocket scales

ZX 600 Digital Pocket Scale / Fast Weigh ZX 600 Digital Scale
ZX 600 digital pocket scale is also very popular in market. Backlit LCD helps easy reading of the results. It can measure up to the tenth of gram (0.1g), giving flexibility to measure up to 600g. You can measure object in gram, oz, ozt and dwt units using ZX 600 digital pocket scale. Device pack comes with 2 AAA batteries and carrying pouch. – Buy wholesale ZX 600 Digital Pocket Scales

By now, you know everything about digital pocket scales including best digital pocket scales list. I can assure you that above mentioned mini digital pocket scales will help you achieve your need of accurate measure. I can tell that everyone doesn’t require digital pocket scales but needy people will never be disappointed with digital pocket scales. American Weigh Scales (AWS) and Fast Weight (FW) are very well known brands to consider for digital pocket scales purchase. Small businesses can buy wholesale digital pocket scales for their needs at very low price from wholesalers and can save money easily.

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