Coming Soon : Value Key™ Household Products

Value Key Products Wholesale
Coming Soon : Value Key™ Household Products

We are excited to announce our own brand, Value Key™, household products. Our products includes variety of household products including following best seller items in C-Stores, Convenience stores, gas stations and dollar stores….

Value Key™ Zipper Seal Storage Freezer Bags Gallon SizeClear Plastic Wrap

Value Key™ Trash Bags : 13 Gallon, 26 Gallon, 33 Gallon and 39 Gallon
Value Key™ Zipper Snack Bags
Value Key™ Zipper Seal Storage Freezer Bags Quart Size
Value Key™ Zipper Seal Storage Freezer Bags Gallon Size
Value Key™ Jumbo Zipper Seal Storage Freezer Bags 2 Gallon Size
Value Key™ Flip Top Sandwich Bags
Value Key™ Corkscrew
Value Key™ Sink Strainer Set
Value Key™ Aluminum Foil 25 SQFT
Value Key™ Aluminum Foil 37.5 SQFT

Value Key™ Plastic Spoons
Value Key™ Plastic Forks
Value Key™ Dish Brush

Bringing our own Value Key™ products with good quality on your store shelf that can earn you big profit! Our good quality wholesale Value Key™ products will help you satisfy your customer needs.

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Why Goody Hair Accessories Should Be on Your Shelf!

Goody Hair Accessories Wholesale

Goody hair accessories are not only for kids, these days goody has come up with wide range of hair accessories for adults as well. Goody hair accessories are selling great at famous stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens or CVS. I am sure in back good old days, goody hair accessories have been popular among young girls. No wonder, these little colorful hair accessories are amazingly great quality products.

You will be surprised to see the variety of good hair products they have launched for grown women as well. Elegant modern design and colors can get you the best look you have been looking for. Do not forget to try one of the Start.Style.Finish hair brushes to see the best result.

Goody hair accessories includes non-metal ouchless elastics, non-metal ouchless hair wraps, ouchless hairbands, small claw clips, large claw clips and many similar items. You can look glamorous by adding goody products in you daily use. You can checkout retail price of goody collection from supermarket or drugstores, usually they are $2 and up…

I would say, Goody is worth purchasing because products are cheap and reliable. In day to day routine life, people tend to lose their hair accessories. Goody products are cheap but very reliable and good quality, which gives more reasons to purchase these hair accessories products.

C-Store owners, purchase goody hair accessories in bulk and sell them at higher price to stack up more profit. Purchase discounted goody hair products at lower price from us at VK Wholesale, to make more profit.

Today, there are millions of goody diehard fans, using goody hair accessories every day! You should check out our goody hair accessories under our wholesale hair accessories section, we have variety of Goody hair products at cheapest price that you can purchase easily!

PS: DO NOT forget to download VK Wholesale’s SmartPhone Apps for Android Phones under Google Play and iPhone/iPad Apps for iPhone under iTune AppStore for your on the go shopping!


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Wholesale Back to School Supplies – Kids Love it!

Back to School Supplies Wholesale

It’s time to stock up your inventory with Back to School supplies! Next year is around the corner. Month of July is the right time to make list of all school supplies to purchase that can be used to earn more profit. Yes, you need those school supplies on sale. If you are already not doing back to school supplies offers at your business then I recommend you to start making a plan. Even if you don’t sell those items, there is not any expiry…you will be able to sell these items throughout the year. But, my humble opinion based on experience, you will never go wrong with school supplies.

How to plan back to school supplies Sale….

Start making a school supplies list by asking your regular customers. You can visit major chain stores such as Walmart to see which items are on the floor. My 5 cents, you must consider to include 24 CT Crayons, 70 Sheets 1 Subject notebook, Eraser set, Sharpener Set, Sticky Notepad, and Filler paper and color pencils.

If you do not have budget for school supplies then you can start putting some amount every week before 2-3 months. By July you will have enough money to get started with school supplies.

You must purchase back to school supplies sometimes middle of July month. By putting back to school supplies budget sooner you will be able to offer those discounted prices to your customers. Purchase school supplies wholesale and sell at higher price in your store.

Consider to put back to school supplies sale banner on your store window ahead of time to let your customers know about your future sale.

At VK Wholesale, we sell wholesale school supplies at discounted price. Visit our school supplies section for your back to school supplies inventory purchase. Whether you are store owners, individual or organization trying to giveaway school supplies to kids, you can benefit from our school supplies. For more information on wholesale back to school supplies list, visit our website or call us at 773-853-0734

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Bestseller Winter Items for Convenience Stores

Bestseller Winter Items Wholesale

Winter wonderland is in full swing here! It’s the time to stock up winter items in your stores to make profit over next few months. There are many seasonal inventory items that can help store owners make more profits but you need to be smart to stock them up for the season.

You are your best judge, as you know your convenience store customers. Based on your neighborhood and supply demand, you must purchase convenience store supplies wholesale that can earn you more profit during winter season.

As a whole, winter hats, winter gloves, winter salt, Antifreeze, Windshield Washer Solvent, HEET, Squeegee, snow brush, snow scraper and similar automotive products are best selling items in Winter.

Winter Hats : There are many different kinds of winter hats available in market. You get the quality based on wholesale purchase price. You can get wholesale winter hats starting from $6 and up for dozen and it may go up to $36 per dozen.

Winter Gloves: Winter gloves come in different quality and material. In convenience store, magic winter gloves, one size fits everyone, is popular. They are best selling winter gloves in neighborhood convenience stores and dollar stores.

Winter Salt: If you belongs to snowland then you must stock up winter salt bags. You won’t be able to sell 50lb bags easily, so my personal recommendation is to purchase smaller 25lb bags.

Automotive Items: Winter season requires extra care for your car. Considering the fact, people will be looking for antifreeze, windshield solvent for clear vision, and 50% of car owners will look for HEET during freezing temperature days.

Consider to purchase winter items wholesale at lowest price to sell them at higher price for your profit. At VK Wholesale we carry different kinds of winter hats, winter gloves, snowbrush, automotive items and other similar high profitable items for convenience stores.

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Announcing: The Launch of VKWholesale Mobile Website

VK Wholesale Mobile Website VK Wholesale Mobile Website
VK Wholesale Mobile Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our mobile website: goes mobile, yes now to enhance your shopping experience we have launched mobile version of that works better on your mobile devices. Site is our paged down version of the full VKWholesale website for your ease of navigation and speedy download onto your mobile devices. Your shopping experience will be very easy and hassle free even while you are on the go.

Now, no more worries to pinch and expand screen on your iPhone, iPad or any smart phones or tablets. Interface will be very user friendly.

You do not need to sit in front of the computer to place an order. You can now place order for your store while you are on the go.

Add a shortcut to your Home Screen on Apple Devices: iPhone,iPad.

ios Home Screen Widget ios Home Screen Widget

To create a shortcut for a webpage on your Home Screen, tap Share Icon, then tap Add to Home Screen. Once you hit “Add”, widget will appear as shown on second screen with “VK” logo on white background.

Whether you are in town or travelling you can easily prepare order and checkout through your mobile device.

It is simple, just go to from your smart phone or tablet and you will see the different mobile friendly user interface.

Happy Smart Shopping !!!

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All You Need is The Best Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless CigarettesAre you looking for a smokeless cigarette for real smoking experience? Who does not! There are many e-cigarettes in the market but all are not long lasting. Everybody is looking for the best smokeless cigarette that can give rich smoking experience, but can not find one that fits their need.

Today there are thousands of smokeless cigarettes and electronic hookah cigarettes available in the market. At VK Wholesale, we carry selected brands that can give you best smoking experience with smooth vapors.

I believe smokeless cigarettes brands that we carry are the best based on our customer reviews and comments.

Finding 21st Century e-cig filters on your site was the find of the year! Your smokeless cigarettes are awesome. Retailers are often out of stock and your prices are better. Once my order is placed, the turnaround time is excellent. Thank you!” – Elaine Pool

There are many other customers who also think that smokeless cigarette brands that we carry are the best. Overall our electronic smokeless cigarettes are low priced, reliable and easy to use. We carry disposable smokeless cigarettes, cartridges and smokeless cigarette starter kit at low price that can save your money.

Our smokeless cigarettes and cartridges….

We also carry smokeless hookah that can give you real hookah smoking experience. Following are smokeless hookah that comes with 5 second auto-shut off.

Now you have read our customer testimonials and ready to smoke our smokeless cigarettes or smokeless hookah. If you have tried any other smokeless cigarettes than what we have so you know better how it works. You are just click away from selecting your starter kit and cartridge flavor of your choice.

If you consider VK Wholesale to purchase you first smokeless cigarette then we would be more than happy to help you get started. Select one of the available smokeless cigarettes to get started and enter into new era of smokeless cigarettes.

If you have any questions regarding purchase of smokeless cigarettes products, please feel free to contact us and we will help you placing an order.

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L.A. Colors Cosmetics Reviews & Facts

LA Colors CosmeticsAre you looking to start a new business or planning to earn extra side income? I would say selling beauty supplies is one of the best ways to generate side income. There are hundreds of beauty supplies companies but out of all I recommend L.A. Colors Cosmetics products. Lately, L.A. Colors cosmetics have been very popular among dollar store owners as well as convenience store owners. That confirms the popularity of L.A. Colors products.

How can I make money selling L.A. Colors Cosmetics?

  • Buy beauty supplies in bulk with wholesale price and sell them online : Craigslist, eBay
  • Sell beauty supplies among friends and family.
  • Sell at Flea market

Bestseller L.A. Colors Cosmetics Reviews:

L.A. Colors Mascara
Best way to give your eyes longer, thicker eyelashes. L.A. Colors lash building mascara is made of good quality formula that last long and gives stunning lashes. Ideal for day to day use.

L.A. Colors Eyeliners
L.A. Colors offers variety of eyeliners from old fashioned pencils to auto eyeliner. These eyeliners are smudge proof that glide smoothly for excellent eye accenture.

L.A. Colors Pencils
Cosmetic pencils help give your eyes and lips elegant look. LA Colors eye pencils and LA Colors lip pencils are great way to define and accentuate eyes

L.A. Colors Nail Polish
Best quality nail polish collection of vivid bright colors for your toes and fingers. LA Colors nail polishes are easy ways to give brilliant colors instantly that fits your mood. Get ready with playful, dazzling, flirty shades to brighten your day. Also, LA Colors art deco nail art has been popular among young crowd to create own custom nail design. LA Colors art deco nail gives you an opportunity to explore your own nail art design creativity.

L.A. Colors Lip Liners
Lip Liners are the best way to line and fill lips beautifully. Auto lip liners are easy to use – just twist and apply. You can avoid headache of sharpening by using auto lip liners.

L.A. Colors Lip Polish
It’s time to reward your pout with best quality lip polish sheer lipgloss. With this lip polish you can experience the smoother, softer, luscious lips quickly. Lip gloss can be applied over your lipstick or alone to get luscious bold lips.

Now as you know all good things about L.A. Colors Cosmetics , get ready to order LA Colors cosmetics wholesale for less and make good profit. Check out our special deals and discounts on LA Colors cosmetics.

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Wholesale Sunglasses for Summer

Wholesale SunglassesStore owners are always looking to buy sunglasses wholesale and save money. Finding bulk sunglasses for less is not a difficult task but needs some research. We are not in early 19’s where “Internet” does not exist. Today’s digital highway offers great ways to find sunglasses wholesale for less on top selling modern styles.

Summer has started so does demand of sunglasses. Whether you are a store owner or individual getting ready for summer list includes sunglasses on first line. Saying that, indirectly individual is going to go to c-store to purchase pair of sunglasses. Every store owner must buy sunglasses for summer season inventory. Usually, wholesalers sell them in one dozen pack i assorted styles. Try to buy sunglasses wholesale with display that will save space in store. Revolving sunglasses display can easily fit on countertop or in corner without occupying more space.

Most sunglasses wholesalers purchase sunglasses in large quantities from factory or other suppliers for very low price. These discounts get transferred to store owners for resale purpose. As in general, c-store owner can easily sell one pair of sunglasses starting from $5.

At, VK Wholesale, we provide good quality sunglasses in current trends, styles and market demand. Our sunglasses comes in assorted designs and assorted colors. When you buy wholesale sunglasses with display you can save even more. Getting a revolving sunglasses display help you give more options to your customers for purchase. More choices you give, more sell you make. Check out our discounted wholesale sunglasses with display.

You or your customers want to enjoy outdoor and sunny weather but same time it is very important to wear good quality sunglasses. Good quality sunglasses you can only get it from reputed sunglasses wholesale company. I agree that customers are looking for styles and designs that jives with current trends but they are also looking for the quality of the lenses. Sunglasses lenses play major role maintaining your eyes health.

Our goal is to provide sunglasses with good quality lenses and offer better discount designer sunglasses wholesale that you sell with more profit and build confidence in. I can surely say that buy our sunglasses and you will get the best quality product for very less price to build up greater sales and profit.

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Wholesale-to-Distributor – Secrets You Must Know

Wholesale to DistributorWholesaling to C-Stores is one of the best rewarding and challenging business. For those who are planning to make some extra bucks or planning to make fortune by distributing c-store items as distributor, following tips will help them building convenience store wholesale distributing business successful and profitable.

1 Choose the Best Seller C-Store Products: During the first phase of your business, make sure to select the best seller c-store products to supply. You need to do little research by visiting few stores. Ask retail store owners questions about their best selling products. Come up with the list of best selling c-store items. Once you have best selling convenience store items, sort list items with high profit and more consumption rate from the full list. Usually convenience stores sell more products involved in day to day routine such as batteries, energy drinks, air fresheners, lighters and similar many more items.

2. Find Best Wholesale Suppliers: There are hundreds of wholesale-to-distributors companies offering great price on c-store items. You can find one of the best c-store suppliers from well known wholesaler directories, for example Wholesale Central. We, VK Wholesale, are preferred wholesaler at Wholesale Central. By choosing verified wholesaler from Wholesale Central gives you assurance that you will be doing business with genuine c-store wholesaler. We at VK Wholesale, offer special pricing for c-store distributors.

3 Good Product Inventory: Make sure to load up your service vehicle with good quantities and variety of c-store products. When you go on your wholesale distribution route, you do not want to run out of products in the beginning. Once you build up relationship with c-store business owners, you can get orders in advance and start supplying needed store products and supplies at retail stores. Rule of thumb, guaranteed sale and customer satisfaction will build up trust and easy transaction while negotiating price for the products. Who wouldn’t like products delivered to c-store?

4. Try to Introduce New C-Store Products: Always try to find out new c-store items that can benefit both you and retail store owner.  Time to time try to introduce new valuable products to c-store owners that will put you on convenience store owner’s valuable  supplier list. You believe or not, but by introducing valuable new c-store products, you will create your own demand among c-store owners.

5. It’s All About Best Business Service: When you take an order from c-store owner, make sure to take some extra time to make sure timely delivery. Do not promise for the delivery date that is not achievable. There may be some time delay involved in getting c-store items from the wholesale supplier to convenience store distributing. When you deliver order at the convenience store, make sure to take care of small things such as help owner getting rid of boxes, arranging products if needed etc. Small gesture and help will help you build up your reputation and stand out from other wholesale c-store distributors. You are not just a delivery person, you are at C-store to build up healthy business relationship. It’s win win situation for both of you and retail store owners.

6. Plan Your Wholesale Distribution Route: Plan your wholesale distribution route wisely. Once you have gained good number of c-stores to supply products, plan your wholesale distribution route by grouping them based on location. Get store owners into habit of one fixed delivery day. It may take some effort, but once you have draw your convenience store wholesale distribution route, you will have hassle free delivery and more profit. You will end up saving lot of money by reducing fuel cost. Try to get c-store owners on weekly or bi-weekly delivery mode. Always be available, easily approachable and make sure to call convenience store owners in advance for order for scheduled delivery day.

Last but not the least, always try to visit trade shows and c-store products exhibitions to make a deal with wholesale suppliers. You might get lucky to get best deals on some c-store items that can be more profitable to your wholesale distributing business.

Tips: Being c-store wholesale supplier, at VK Wholesale, we are here to work on special pricing for c-store distributors who are trying to build fortune by wholesaling to convenience store.

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Buy Convenience Store Items in Bulk, Smart Way to Do Business

Convenience Store items in BulkBest way to benefit more at c-store is by taking an approach of buying convenience store items in bulk. Ordering bulk wholesale merchandise can help save large amount of money and at the same time help store owner stacking up more profit. It’s known fact that bulk wholesale prices are way less compare to any other money saving ordering strategy. C-Store owners or gas station owners can order general merchandise in bulk to stock up their store nicely with their customers favorite items. In fact, stocking more items in store will make your customers happy. You can get the best possible lowest price by ordering merchandise in bulk at wholesale price and ultimately you can pass on discount to your customers. As a results, you can get happy and steady flow of customers at your store.

Ordering Convenience Store Items in Bulk is the right choice, Why?
Convenience store or gas station mart are the places where you can sell anything based on your customer demographics. You can come up with tons of c-store items that you can order in bulk at wholesale prices but investing in best seller items is the quickest way to get rich. Out of all convenience store items I would say order general merchandise in bulk at wholesale prices that includes: candy, energy drinks, hand gloves, lighters, car air fresheners, windshield washer, motor oil and many more items. If you are located in cold place then I would recommend you to order winter items in bulk at wholesale prices and stock up for the season. Retail businesses can order store’s wholesale items in bulk and display them throughout the store. Key is to keep expensive items close to the counter. Placing more profitable items close to the counter will ensure that you are exposing them more to customers as well as keeping eye on inventory easily.

Bulk Wholesale Prices Are Beneficial for Convenience Stores
Purchasing convenience store items in bulk gives you an opportunity to save more money. Also, ordering items in bulk at wholesale price will reduce your purchasing frequency. By ordering fewer times, you will save time and energy and invest that time in other store related activities.
Most importantly, ordering items in bulk ensures that your store is well stocked and doesn’t look empty. As in general, majority of c-stores or gas station marts have heavy traffic that gives you very little time to sit and order items every few days. By ordering bulk wholesale merchandise you are making sure that you are providing best service to your customers by making their favorite items available to them and not giving them a chance to leave your store without buying anything.

Time to Go Green, Buy Convenience Store Items in Bulk to Minimize Trash
It’s time to take care of our mother nature. Try to reduce trash !!! By ordering convenience store items in bulk, you can reduce trash such as bags, containers, papers, plastic wrappers etc. Less trash will save your cleaning time by reducing efforts in disposing or reusing them. In case, if you get extra useful packaging for example: Jars or Containers then try to use them creating counter top displays or share with other store owners or customers who may use them for their needs.

At VK Wholesale, we encourage people to buy convenience store items in bulk at wholesale prices to save money, save time and save earth. We want you to know that your savings start here at VKWholesale.

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