How to Find the Best C Store Wholesale Suppliers

C Store Wholesale Suppliers


Are you looking for the best c store wholesale supplier? You are not the first person who has questions and doubts about finding the best c store wholesale suppliers. Every other convenience store owner or wholesale distributor always looking for the answer to their question “How do I find the best c store wholesale supplier?”. This article will help you understand and find convenience store wholesale supplier or wholesale product prices that can be profitable to your business.

Any convenience store owner or any C store wholesale distributor starting a new business faces some challenges in the beginning. Finding the wholesale supplier of products you are planning to sell may be difficult in the beginning. First step is to registered your company and apply for a resale license to get products at wholesale price. Convenience store wholesale suppliers will ask for resale license detail before selling any products to you. So make your first experience pleasant with wholesale supplier, make sure to get resale license first. Every reseller must keep track of products they sale. 

During your search for c store wholesale supplier either you can use Internet or visit local trade shows. Local trade shows can be very beneficial to you. But in today’s advance world wide web era, Internet has opened up wide area to look for a convenience store wholesale suppliers. Be little cautious while finding wholesale supplier online. If you are looking for the “real” wholesale product price then you do not want to get stuck with middle person who resale products to you after purchasing it from other supplier. By purchasing products from those suppliers you will not get the real wholesale price. While choosing c store wholesale suppliers make sure to verify their local warehouse or store location. Chances are very high to get the cheapest wholesale product prices from online c store wholesale suppliers who are running brick and mortar stores as well. For Example, we, VK Wholesale, are running brick and mortar store of c store wholesale items as well as we are passing our special discounted convenience store product prices nationwide through our website.

Once you find the right online c store wholesale supplier that fits your needs, place a trial order to test the water. Keep one thing in mind that considering the variety and range of products, sometimes wholesale supplier may not have the item you order. In that case, if supplier contacts you and ask your opinion about the order that means you have selected the genuine c store wholesale supplier. Time to time at VK Wholesale, we get to know our customer’s experience with other online c store wholesale suppliers being greedy and replacing order with different items for backordered items. If you come across similar situation then you must return the order and ask for the full refund. It’s big red flag. At VK Wholesale, we do not ship out order for backordered items without letting our customer know about it. We never try to replace backordered item with different item unless customer ask for replacement with specific item.

Usually, online c store wholesale suppliers offer free shipping promotional offer if you place certain amount of order. Once you have verified the online convenience store wholesale supplier, you can decide to place an order of specified amount to get FREE shipping offer. That will help you save good amount of money. At VK Wholesale we offer free shipping based on customer’s location, total order amount and total weight of the order. You can check out our free shipping promotional offers by visiting “Promotions” section of the site.

Finally, join their online coupons and deals newsletter to receive special offers and coupon codes. Genuine online c store wholesale supplier will never SPAM your inbox. Usually, one promotional newsletter weekly or bi-weekly is the sign of best online c store wholesale product supplier. Overall, I would recommend you to verify that they are a legitimate business with their online and offline presence.

At VK Wholesale, we follow best practice as a wholesale supplier by giving priority to our customer’s need and satisfaction. We always thrive to make our customer’s buying experience pleasant.  We are one of the c store wholesale suppliers in Chicago, located at 4940 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630


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Cigarette Rolling Machine: Best Way of Making Your Own Cigarettes

You must know guide about making your own cigarette using cigarette rolling machine. When you buy tobacco for your own cigarette making machine, you will notice that tobacco is moist for long term storage purpose. But, if you try to start rolling cigarettes using fresh tobacco then it is very likely that your cigarette rolling machine will be clogged or damaged. You must let tobacco dry out a bit to be able to fill up in tube through roller machine. Spread out tobacco on clean paper on flat surface to let it dry. By doing this moist characteristic will be evaporated and you will get the crispy dry product.

Once you have your dry and crispy tobacco, now it is time to get started with your cigarette rolling machine. All cigarette roller machines come with user manual. You must read the instruction menu thoroughly before filling up cigarettes. By reading cigarette roller machine instructions, you will be able to fill up the cigarette tubes easily in first shot. Best practice is to fill up tobacco chamber properly without overfilling the machine. You must be careful while inserting tube into nozzle. First time you might damage the cigarette tube but do not get disappointed. If you damage any tube then please discard it and use the new tube. Once you close the cigarette rolling machine, cigarette tubes will be locked on to the nozzle. You are good to go now to fill up your fresh tobacco into cigarette tubes. Usually cigarette rolling machines feature slider or handle. Depending on the kind of a cigarette roller machine, move the lever to fill up a tube. If handle or slider is jammed then do not push too hard. Just make sure that tobacco chamber is not overfilled. Always make sure to clean up nozzle before inserting next cigarette tube. Clogged nozzle can cause damage to your machine. It is always recommended to use one of the best cigarette rolling machines.

Once you discharge a finished cigarette tube, make sure to give finishing touch by pushing hanging tobacco ends using flat surface or blunt end of pencil. For smooth operation, make sure to keep handle and other moving parts well lubricated. With proper lubrication you will be able to maintain longer life of the cigarette roller machine. For lubrication you can use vegetable oil or any motor oil. Make sure to clean machine nicely after every single use. Proper cleaning will avoid tobacco residue build up in the cigarette rolling machine and ultimately it will provide better performance and longer life.

Following is the list of best cigarette rolling machines:

cigarette rolling machineTop-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine
Using top-o-Matic Cigarette rolling machine you can easily prepare cigarette tubes with fresh tobacco in minute. Top o matic cigarette rolling machine can be used with 100mm, king size and regular cigarette papers. This machine comes with adjustable switch and lever for tobacco injection. This cigarette roller machine body is made of metal that gives sturdy look.

cigarette rolling machineTop-O-Matic Toughest Cigarette Rolling Machine
This topomatic cigarette rolling machine is very well known for toughness. Body is made of tough metal for stronger, better and faster performance. This cigarette roller machine is known among the world’s toughest cigarette making machines.


cigarette rolling machineGambler Tube Cut Cigarette Making Machine
Gambler tube cut cigarette rolling machine features tough body made out of heavy-duty metal. Gambler tube cut cigarette rolling machine can be used with kings and 100mm size cigarette tubes. You can make pack of cigarettes in few minutes very easily.


cigarette rolling machineSwift Portable King Size Cigarette Machine
You can make cigarette using portable king size cigarette machine in 3 easy and simple steps. All you need is just one swift motion. Fill up tobacco chamber, place tube on nozzle and pull handle for perfect cigarette. Overall Swift Portable King size cigarette roller machine is a perfect choice.

So, now you know all about making your own cigarette easily using best cigarette rolling machine, now it’s the time to buy cigarette rolling machine for cheap. You can check out our cigarette rolling machine wholesale price for your savings.

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Wholesale Convenience Store Items Purchase Tips for Profitable Sales

To make the good profit at your convenience store, you must buy right wholesale convenience store items from the right place. Purchase of convenience store items depends on several factors such as current demand of supply in market, special deals on products, popularity of the products and many similar. There will be plenty of c-store items to stock up on your store racks but you have to make a right call at right time. Product demand varies based on season, occasions, holidays, events and new arrivals of the products in market. You must have good understanding of all affecting factors before purchasing wholesale convenience store items. By purchasing unnecessary convenience store items and filling up racks will not help you make money. You should consider following list of key points before buying inventory items for your convenience store.

Identify Convenience Store Items that Your Shoppers Buy
There are tons of wholesale convenience store items available in market to buy but make sure to purchase products which sell fast. Never ever let best seller items go out of stock. You gain this buying knowledge by experience but once you identify any item which sell slowly, consider to buy it in less quantities or partial cases. If needed buy in wholesale case to get discounted price and distribute among other stores.  Connect with other store owners to purchase wholesale convenience store items to save even more.

Identify Best Seller C-Store Items to Keep Them In Stock All The Time
You must keep track of best seller items in your store.  Come up with the list and never ever run out of items on racks. Best seller items will also help you sell your slowly selling items. Customers have tendency to look around when they are shopping. If you run out of best selling items then make sure to stock them up as soon as you can. Once product is arrived, immediately display them to sell.

More Inventory Doesn’t Bring More Profit
Do not buy products in large quantities. Time to time you may find good deals on store items which may tempt you to buy wholesale convenience store items in large quantity. But before that you must taste the water before ordering products in huge quantities. Feel free to order store items in huge quantities only when you come up with your “hot selling c-store items” list. Consumption of products depends on the location of your store and demographics of your store customers. So, I would say you are the best judge for inventory stock.

Never Compromise Customer Satisfaction for Your Profit
Your profit is completely dependent on your customers. There are always other stores around your store that put you in competitive market. By making your customer unhappy you will loose the ongoing future profit. Do not compromise quality of convenience store items for your profit. Good quality wholesale convenience store items will bring you good amount of profit in longer run. By compromising quality, you may be able to achieve little more profit for sometime but ultimately one unhappy customer can bring down your stack of profit and trust you have earned over the period of time in minutes. I would recommend you to give high priority to customer satisfaction.

Last but not the least, try to buy wholesale convenience store items having the best price. Today’s online world has brought wholesalers more visible to consumers. You can negotiate and get discounted rates on your order. At the same time do not be greedy. Usually wholesaler doesn’t have enough profit margin so be reasonable while negotiating wholesale convenience store items rates.

Now as you know the key factors to consider while purchasing wholesale convenience store items, plan and act accordingly and I bet you,.. You will never go wrong in your store business.

Follow above mentioned guideline and buy wholesale convenience store items for less to stack up profit easily.


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5 Hour Energy Wholesale Cases on Sale

Wholesale 5 Hour EnergyHurry, 5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case on Sale!!!

Are you looking for 5 hour energy wholesale cases? Nothing to worry !!! Good News is that now you can order Mix Flavor case of 5 Hour energy flavors by Living Essentials company. Yes, you can select total 18 boxes of different flavors which include 5 Hour energy Orange, 5 Hour energy Grape, 5 Hour energy Pomegranate, 5 Hour energy Lemon lime and 5 Hour energy Berry. More detail on Mix Flavors case you will found out in this article.

We also offer lowest price on 5 Hour Extra Strength wholesale as well. But, you can not include 5 Hour Extra Strength in Mix Flavors Case selection.

Whether you are planning to order a full case of 5 hour energy or mix-match case, you will find the cheapest price at VKWholesale.

Why 5 Hour Energy Shot?
5 Hour energy shot is very effective drink which works quickly. Taste is really nice and sensational so that You can drink it very easily without any problem. It has zero sugar and zero herbal stimulants. Contains 4 calories, B-Vitamins and amino acids. Key ingredients in 5-hour energy are also consumed in day to day foods such as avocados, broccoli, apples and many similar. As 5 hour Energy shot contains caffeine comparable to a cup of premium coffee, try to limit caffeine products to avoid rapid heartbeat, nervousness and sleeplessness. Some people experience hot feeling, skin redness kind of Niacin Flush for few minutes.

Following is the list of 5 Hour Energy Wholesale Cases:
5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Grape Flavor
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $317.00
Grape flavor is good for those who likes sweet and sour taste. We usually ship orders within 24 hours from the order is placed.

5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Orange Flavor
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $317.00
Orange flavor is the very first product they came up with. Later on they started adding new flavors. It has been very popular among people since it was out to public.

5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Berry Flavor
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $317.00
Sweet-Berry flavor is the most noticeable flavor of Living Essentials. The shot liquid color is light pink with the sour test in the beginning and then sweet-berry medicine like taste. We ship 5 Hour energy berry flavor case within 24 hours.

5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Pomegranate Flavor
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $317.00
This flavor is for those who loves Pomegranate fruit. Now you can taste your favorite Pomegranate round the year and at the same time you can gain energy. Sweet-Pomegranate taste will give you sensational medicine taste due to energy formula. Once you place an order, we ship 5 hour energy Pomegranate within 24 hours.

5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Lemon Lime Flavor
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $317.00
Lemon-Lime flavor of the shot has sour taste with less medicine taste. Overall good choice. If you place an order we ship 5 Hour Energy Lemon Lime flavor cases within 24 hours. Our prices are best on 5 Hour Energy Wholesale cases.

5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Mix Flavors
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $317.00
Select flavors of your choice from the available 5 hour energy flavors such as Orange, Berry, Grape, Lemon Lime and Pomegranate. Total number of boxes must be 18 with assorted flavors. Once you place an order, we will ship order within 24 hours.

5 Hour Energy Wholesale Case Extra Strength
Product Detail:
1 Case = 18 Boxes
1 Box = 12 Bottles / Count
Price: $349.00
Now you can get 5 hour energy extra strength wholesale case of .18 boxes for very less price. You can purchase wholesale 5 hour energy extra strength for your c-store, convenience store or gas station and stack up profit quickly. Order online and we will ship your order within 24 hours.

***prices are accurate at the time of writing this post

5 Hour Energy Ingredients Facts:


  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

Energy Blend

  • Citicoline
  • Tyrosine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Taurine
  • Malic Acid
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Caffeine

Best Times to Take 5-hour Energy Shot
As in general, energy shot is good to consume whenever you are feeling tire. Following list will give you an idea about the best times in your lifestyle where you can fit 5-hour energy liquid shots.

Early Morning: Some people just love to sleep. If you are not a morning person then 5-hour Energy shot can help you get started quickly for the day.

After Lunch: It’s very common that people hit the wall after lunch. After lunch we get tiring feeling and end up getting sleep feelings. One shot of 5-hour energy can help you get over the lazyness and be more productive.

Workout Drink: 5-Hour Energy shot can help you boost your workout motivation. Also, it will increase your weight lifting power.

Sports: Drink helps you maintain your stamina and stay longer in the field.

Travel: People who are traveling a lot, know the facts about tiring journey. One shot of 5-hour energy can help you kill the tiring feeling throughout and after their travel.

Weekend Plans: Whether you are planning an adventureous vacation, activity or work aournd the house during weekend, trust me one shot of 5-hour energy drink will give you the boost you need for the day.

Now as you know enough about this product, get ready to buy 5 hour energy box or 5 hour energy wholesale case and save now!!!


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Buy Wholesale Hookah Pipes

Wholesale Hookah PipesBuying wholesale hookah pipes is the best way to save money for those who is looking to start a new retail hookah shop or hookah bar or smoking lounge. Even wholesale hookah pipes are profitable for existing smoking accessories shop, tobacco shop, restaurants or bar. Restaurant or bar owner can add hookah pipe as an additional feature to their services to attract existing and new customers. Hookah pipes are in great demand among young as well as senior groups. Overall, wholesale hookah pipes are profitable to any smoking related business.

Wholesale hookah pipes come in variety of design and shapes. Do not mistake buying wholesale hookah pipes with cheap hookah pipes. Buying hookah wholesale doesn’t require quality compromise. Hookah pipes are made in variety of elegant colors, shapes using ceramic and/or wooden material. One can buy wholesale hookah from low priced to very expensive custom made designer style product. These days mini hookah pipes have been very popular among tobacco shops, c-stores, restaurants, bars and smoke shops.

While purchasing wholesale hookah pipes you must consider certain precautions. Hookah pipes must be made out of ceramic, glass or stone. These three materials are considered to be the safest compare to other metallic hookah pipes. Remember to avoid copper hookah pipes because tobacco smoking through copper hookah pipe is poisonous. As a whole, wholesale hookah pipes made out of glass and ceramics have long life and pleasurable smoking experience. Also, wholesale hookah pipes are available in other material but they will not last long when it comes to pleasurable smoking experience over the period.

Wholesale mini hookah pipes come in different shapes, for example sports lover can show their game love through wholesale ball mini hookah pipes. These ball mini hookah base comes in different shapes such as baseball, golf ball, basketball and football. Overall look of the hookah is based on the vase or base of the hookah. Hookah pipe’s hose is replaceable that gives feasibility to have own hose for smoking. One can get hose of his/her own choice based on the mood and liking. Usually tobacco bowl and base is connected with stainless steel stem. Tobacco bowl of hookah pipe is made out of ceramic, clay or stone in different shapes.

Buying wholesale hookah pipes is the easiest way to save money. Wholesalers may have minimum purchase limit, in that case you will have to order wholesale hookah pipes for that amount. Wholesale mini hookah pipes prices range from $30 to $50 per dozen. Before buying wholesale hookah pipes make sure that package includes tong or pincer, screen to hold coal, mouth piece and other accessories. Hookah pipe accessories inclusion varies based on the price and product.

Check out our wholesale hookah pipes for your savings. Our wholesale ball mini hookah pipes have been on the best sellers list since long time. Order wholesale hookah pipes and start stacking up profit easily.

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Buy Wholesale Little Trees Air Fresheners for Car & Save Money

Little Trees Air Fresheners in Bulk

Little Tree Air Fresheners WholesaleLittle Trees air fresheners for car has been very popular in United States of America since long time. These car air freshener have wide range of fragrances that can fit to individuals liking and mood. Best way to save money on little trees air fresheners is to buy them from wholesalers. Yes, buy little trees air fresheners wholesale and pay less money compare to retail price. In fact, if you are a store owner then you already know the demand of little trees airfresheners. C-Store owners, buy little trees air fresheners wholesale as much as you can that will help you get the best price for more profit.

From wholesalers, you can buy wholesale little Trees air fresheners 24 count packs. These air fresheners for car comes into two different packs – one simple pack wrapped in plastic bag and second one is little trees air fresheners long display. Little Trees long display is usually meant for for C-store owners convenience.

How to buy little trees air fresheners for car wholesale?, wholesale c-store item distributor, works directly with manufacturers to get the cheapest price on little tree air fresheners. Check out our special price and buy wholesale little tree air fresheners. – Check out our special discounted price on Little Tree Air fresheners Here>>

Little trees air fresheners have variety of fragrances but out of all, following fragrances are most popular in the market since long time.

  • Little Tree Air Freshener Applewoods – This air freshener for car comes with unique fragrance blend along with eye-catching package.
  • Little Tree Air Freshener Black Forest – This air freshener for car design includes dense forest image on the product and provides the fresh outdoor scent for your comfort.
  • Little Tree Air Freshener Black Ice – Product offers brisk, clean scent for your pleasure. Black Ice air freshener for car comes in a very bold, attractive packaging.
  • Little Tree Air Freshener Blue Berry – For those who likes blue berry fragrance, Blueberry little trees air freshener is the best choice. It is bursting with freshness providing soothing fruity fragrance.
  • Little Tree Air Freshener Blackberry Clove– This fragrance is known for its stimulating effect. Yes, little trees air freshener blackberry clove has stimulating blend of fragrance with combination of familiar exotic.
  • Little Tree Air Freshener Cherry Kiss – If you are looking for a sweet fragrance then go for little trees air freshener cherry kiss scent. It spreads the sweet fragrance with the hint of lush.
  • Little Tree Air Freshener Coconut – Tropical lovers can take advantage of little trees air freshener coconut fragrance. It provides the right delightful coconut fragrance. Now you don’t need to fly down to Hawaii for coconut fragrance 🙂
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Ice Blue – These air fresheners for car gives cool, brisk fragrance. Product comes with attractive snowflake design decorative.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Jasmin – Seductively lush fragrance.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Lavender – Relaxing flowery scent
  • Little Trees Air Freshener New Car Scent – Personally, I like new car scent, so I always go with little tree air freshener new car scent. It is the best way to recapture the new car feeling in minutes.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Passion – If you are planning to get wild then little tree air freshener passion for car is the best choice. Product offers wild and exotic, mysterious and masculine scent.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Piña  Colada – It’s time to get fruity. Tropical air freshener for car gives the tropical exotic scent. Little tree air freshener pina colada spreads the sweet blend of pineapple and coconut fragrance.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Powder – You can get the fresh and gentle scent with the feeling of light and silky mood with little tree air freshener powder fragrance.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Royal Pine – This air freshener for car gives you Zesty balsam fir fragrance. Time to get woodsy and fresh feelings in your car.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Strawberry – Gives the sweet fruity mood with sensuous fragrance of strawberry.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Smooth Amber – Smooth Amber Little Tree air fresheners for cars have timeless fragrance inspired by amber. Product pack comes with electric pop with smooth sensual notes.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Watermelon – This little tree air freshener watermelon is the best way to experience sweet juicy fragrance of ripe watermelon. This air freshener for car comes with crisp and sweet scent for your pleasure.

Now as you know about Little Trees air fresheners different fragrances and sizes, it’s time to buy little trees air fresheners wholesale and save money now! – Check out our special discounted price on Little Tree Air fresheners Here>>

Buy Now

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Best Cigar Cutter Wholesale

Best Cigar Cutter WholesaleWholesale Cigar Splitters, best way to stack up profit quickly!
Cigar smokers are always aware of the importance of best cigar cutter or cigar splitters. Every single puff of cigar is dependent on the cigar cutter. One can buy cigar cutter in any smoking shops or online stores. Cigar smokers are always looking for a best cigar cutter. There is a potential profit associated with selling of a best cigar cutter. So, if you own a convenience store, smoke shop or eBay seller, I would recommend to buy cigarette cutter wholesale in order to save more money easily.  Bulk purchase of cigar cutter will get you a good deal and eventually great profit.

Keep in mind that in market there is all kind of cigar cutter available for your c-store inventory or smoke shop inventory, but customers are always looking for a good one. Whether your customer is a beginner cigar smoker or experienced, they will always need a good cigar cutter for good smoking pleasure. Best cigar cutter is one of the essential smoking accessories. So if you want a happy customer then be careful while buying cigar cutter for store. In market, you might find cheapest cigar cutters but it may not be best choice.

How to buy Cigar Cutter wholesale?
No biggie… if you are looking for cigar cutters in wholesale then you have landed at the right place. At, VK Wholesale, we sell cigar splitters in bulk for very low price. Our price cigar splitters are good quality and can create clean cut easily in seconds.
Buy Now

Ways to make profit selling best cigar cutter after purchasing wholesale cigar cutter.

  • C-Store owner can display cigar cutter by cigarette section. Usually, it is always behind the register.
  • Local distributor can buy cigar cutter in bulk and then distribute to local stores to make money.
  • Individual can buy cigar cutter in bulk and then sell them on online websites such as eBay, amazon,

Check out our wholesale cigar cutters along with other wholesale smoking accessories.


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Must Know Secrets About Digital Pocket Scales

Digital Pocket ScalesAre you looking for a device which can measure the weight of a small product or item or object? Digital pocket scales are the best option for those who need to weigh tiny objects. One can use digital pocket scales either in store or on the go. Buy pocket digital scales to get the accurate weight of the product. These digital pocket scales can be used to weigh cooking ingredients, tobacco or any tiny stuff that requires weight detail in grams, Oz, Ozt or Dwt. Pharmacies also use digital pocket mini scales to measures certain drugs to mix and make compound medicines.

Digital pocket scales have been very popular among jewelers and diamond sellers. It’s the fact that gold and diamonds worth by fraction of weight. In that case, one must know the accurate weight of the gold or diamond otherwise seller will be in lose. There are many beneficial usages of digital pocket mini scales. Like every good thing has a bad side, these digital gram scales are also used in illegal activities such as weighing marijuana and cocaine.  So, we recommend you to refrain from using digital pocket scales in illegal activities.

Why Digital Pocket Scales are Popular?

  1. Digital pocket scales are best in terms of portability. They are easy to carry in pocket.
  2. These digital gram scales are cost effective. Yes, you can get this device as low as $6 or $8. Usually digital scales’ prices vary from low price to medium price to expensive up to $100.
  3. Best part is the accuracy of weight measure – device helps getting accurate measure of the object by measuring precisely up to the tenth of the gram.

Which Digital Pocket Scales are recommended?
There are many digital gram scales available in market, but I recommend you following list of scales. Select one of devices based on your needs and I assure you that you will never go wrong.

AWS-600 Digital Scale (American Weigh Scales) / AWS 600 x 0.1g
AWS 600 digital pocket scale has been hot choice in market. This device comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty. It can measure accurately up to tenth of a gram (0.1 g). AWS 600 can measure maximum up to 600 grams. Flip-Open cover provides extra protection to the scale. AWS-600 digital pocket scale comes with two AAA batteries, so the moment you receive you can start using it.  – Buy wholesale AWS 600 Digital Pocket Scales

AWS-650 Digital Scale (American Weigh Scales) / AWS PV-650 Scale
AWS 650 digital pocket scale also comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty. It can measure up to 650 grams. Device can measure object in different units which includes gram, oz, ozt and dwt. Maximum capacity of this device in each unit is: 650 g / 20.9 ozt / 22.93 oz / 418 dwt. This digital gram scale comes with 5 digit back-lit LCD. It is very compact and easy to carry with you. Scale dimensions: 3.6 x 4.2 x 0.8”, Platform Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.2” – Buy wholesale AWS 650 Digital Pocket Scales

AWS mini CD Scale (American Weigh Scales) / AWS mini 500 x 0.1 g
AWS mini digital scale can measure up to 0.1 gram accuracy. Maximum capacity of this device is 500g. Digital mini scale comes with 10 year manufacture warranty. It is super thin and compact as mini CD.  Special features of digital mini scales are super small size, tare feature, backlit LCD, stainless steel tray and auto-off. Scale Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.9 x 0.47 inch, Platform Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.1 inch – Buy wholesale AWS mini Digital Pocket Scales

M-500 Digital Pocket Scale / Fast Weigh M-500 Digital Pocket Scale
These digital mini scales can easily fit into your pocket or handbag. You can measure maximum weight up to 500 gram using this device. It can measure up to 0.1 gram accuracy. If you have larger object then you can use removable lid to expand the tray area giving more room to place object. This digital mini scale comes with 5 year manufacture warranty. – Buy wholesale M-500 mini digital pocket scales

ZX 600 Digital Pocket Scale / Fast Weigh ZX 600 Digital Scale
ZX 600 digital pocket scale is also very popular in market. Backlit LCD helps easy reading of the results. It can measure up to the tenth of gram (0.1g), giving flexibility to measure up to 600g. You can measure object in gram, oz, ozt and dwt units using ZX 600 digital pocket scale. Device pack comes with 2 AAA batteries and carrying pouch. – Buy wholesale ZX 600 Digital Pocket Scales

By now, you know everything about digital pocket scales including best digital pocket scales list. I can assure you that above mentioned mini digital pocket scales will help you achieve your need of accurate measure. I can tell that everyone doesn’t require digital pocket scales but needy people will never be disappointed with digital pocket scales. American Weigh Scales (AWS) and Fast Weight (FW) are very well known brands to consider for digital pocket scales purchase. Small businesses can buy wholesale digital pocket scales for their needs at very low price from wholesalers and can save money easily.

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Why Pay Retail if You Can Buy E-Cigarettes for Wholesale Price

wholesale electronic cigaretteElectronic Cigarettes – Healthier Way to Quit Smoking
Smoking without fire, doesn’t it sound strange? But truth is E-Cigarettes are real and have been very popular lately. People throughout USA and worldwide are looking for Electronic Cigarettes. Wholesale suppliers are also stocking up E-Cigarettes as the demand for E-cigs are increasing among C-stores and gas stations.  I believe you already know everything, or know little or know nothing about smoking without fire using E-Cigarettes. For those who know little or nothing about this little devil and want to quit smoking, I will explain this C-store product in detail and explain how you can save money through discounted wholesale electronic cigarettes.
Buy NowWhat is an Electronic Cigarette?
I love this slogan from e-Health Electronic Cigarette box – “Smoking is harmful for health, E-Cigarette is good for health” – Amazing isn’t it? I couldn’t agree anymore when I really learn about Electronic Cigarette. Smoker can get all pleasure he/she wants without impacting health or being responsible for anti-smoking. Now you can tell your friends and surrounding, “Hey, don’t worry I am smoking e-cigarette, you are safe with me”. As a whole it is an alternative cigarette that looks and taste like a real cigarette. Devise has been very helpful to people who want to quit smoking or reduce smoking.

While smoking, smoker will not produce tar or real smoke. It creates the smoke like vapor and red burning glow at the end. It is healthier as you still can enjoy the taste of tobacco but device doesn’t contain tobacco. Smoking without fire is an easy way to avoid cancerous substances. You do not have to worry about smelly mouths as well as air pollution. E-cig works on batteries, which can be recharged.  Usually starter kits comes with different kind of chargers which give you options to charge device whether you are at home or on the go driving around.

An electronic cigarette is cheap compare to real cigarette. These cigarettes come with replaceable cartridges. One cartridge is good for smoking up to 200 mouths. More pleasure for less using refills. E-cig cartridges come in different flavors and strength. You can select strength of Nicotine– High, Medium, Low or None. These different strengths help smokers control the nicotine intake until they wish and eventually can help completely quit smoking with no nicotine strength. You can get these cartridges from any convenience store or gas station starting from $10 and up. But, best way to save on cartridges is to buy it from wholesaler. Wholesale electronic cigarettes suppliers also carry and sell cartridges separately for very low price.

How to Buy Discount Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?
In current world, e cigarette start kits have been very popular products. These start kits comes with chargers along with extra cartridges that can help you save money. Retail price starts from $59 for electronic cigarettes. Wholesale suppliers are offering great discounted price to c-store owners as well as individual customers. So, as an alternative to save money, buy electronic cigarettes from wholesalers.

Overall, electronic cigarette is budget, health and environment friendly device which can help quit smoking or indeed reduce smoking. These days, real awareness has great chances of replacing real cigarettes and smoking without fire with same pleasure like real cigarettes using electronic cigarettes.

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