Value Key Products Chicago – Trash Bags Wholesale

Value Key Products Chicago Trash Bags Wholesale

Try our Value Key household products to stack up more profit. Our Value Key brand named trash bags are good quality at lowest price. We distribute our Value key products in Chicago as well as nationwide.

Whether you are a store owner trying to make money by selling trash bags value packs or individual trying to keep home, office and other areas clean, keeping area trash free can be little challenging. Our value key products include different kinds of trash bags : 8 gallon trash bags, 13 gallon trash bags, 26 gallon trash bags, 33 gallon trash bags and 39 gallon trash bags. These bags come with tie.

Our value key 13 gallon trash bags are ideal for small rooms and office. At the same time you can use 26 gallon trash bags in kitchen. For outdoor use for picnic or general purpose you can consider to use 33 gallon and/or 39 gallon trash bags.

Our value key trash bags come in black and white colors. 8 gallon, 13 gallon and 26 gallon bags come in white color and 33 gallon and 39 gallon trash bags come in black color.

Value Key products are good quality, yes out all trash bags come with strong thickness that does not get ripped and spill the trash all over the floor. Same way, outdoor bags are very strong that can withstand more garbage according to the size of the bag.

Value Key household products including Value Key trash bags are everyday products that sell good in convenience stores, dollar stores and neighborhood gas stations.

Buy value key brand’s 13 gallon trash bags wholesale, 26 gallon trash bags wholesale, 33 gallon trash bags wholesale and/or 39 gallon trash bags wholesale on sale today under Value Key Products section.

Value Key Products, Chicago, IL 60630

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